Report Your Claim

You have the right to select the facility that will repair your vehicle.

When an accident occurs:

  • Protect your vehicle from further damage.
  • Call the police. Be prepared to provide specific vehicle damage, names and license numbers, vehicle descriptions, and witnesses for the police report.
  • If your car is drivable, you can choose Country Body Shop, Inc. to repair your vehicle.
  • If your car is NOT drivable (broken glass, lamps and mirrors, rubbing tires, and disturbing noises constitute a non-drivable car), call a wrecker service. We work with K & R Towing. Contact them in Holland at 616-396-7471 or in Hamilton at 269-751-8232. Ask K & R to tow to Country Body Shop, Inc.
  • Country Body Shop will provide a detailed estimate of the damage and cost of repairs, take photos, and complete the repairs.
  • If you need a loaner car while your vehicle is being repaired, we offer free loaner cars when they are available. If you have rental car insurance coverage, we work with Craig’s Car Rental, 616-396-5635, to get you a great loaner car at a great price.
  • Country Body Shop, Inc., will work directly with your insurance company if there are questions about the estimate.